Resguardo Preaching Point

Resguardo is a 30 minute drive from Charalá. It is an incredibly beautiful area, located in the middle of the mountains. One can truly see the wonderful creativity of God. Yet, in the middle of this beauty there is a spiritual battle raging on. Resguardo is a spiritually dark area, with witchcraft and demonic activity

Resguardo House

Not long ago, Pastor Jhon was presented with an opportunity to move the church in Resguardo to a new location. This new location is more central and is located at the bottom of the hill; this is a huge benefit for those attending. Right now, they are renting the house, but hope to purchase it

Pastor Jhon visits the US

On August 4th, we had the opportunity to host Pastor Jhon and his wife, Marlene. These incredible pastors come to us from Charalá, Colombia. They are the lead pastors in the church there and are very special to us. God placed a passion in our hearts to see Charalá, and the surrounding areas, impacted for

Possible Site for New Church

Resguardo is one of three preaching points that the church in Charalá is engaged in currently; there are thirty-two areas around the town that are in need of evangelizing, preaching points, and churches. An attendee of the preaching point in Resguardo has generously donated land to build a church on. This land is at the

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