Pastor Jhon visits the US

On August 4th, we had the opportunity to host Pastor Jhon and his wife, Marlene. These incredible pastors come to us from Charalá, Colombia. They are the lead pastors in the church there and are very special to us. God placed a passion in our hearts to see Charalá, and the surrounding areas, impacted for

Praise God Anyway

Habakkuk 1:2 states: “how long, oh Lord, must I call for help, but you do not listen?” How many of us have felt that way before? Habakkuk was talking about Judah. His heart was broke for what was happening, the sin and oppression. Yet, when God did decide to answer him, it was not the

Companion in suffering

I, John,a your brother and companion in the suffering – rev 1:9 I wonder if we have ever really read this and then stopped to think about what the really means. What significance does it have for us? I think it is interesting when I read articles about people who preach the prosperity gospel. I

Here am I, send me

When Isaiah was asked by God, “whom shall I send!” he responded: ‘here am I, send me.’  I wish the many people today would have that same response to the calling that God has given them. It doesn’t matter whether it is across the world or simply across the street! Regardless of where God calls