Pastor Jhon visits the US
Pastor Jhon preaching at Faith Assembly, Hazleton

On August 4th, we had the opportunity to host Pastor Jhon and his wife, Marlene. These incredible pastors come to us from Charalá, Colombia. They are the lead pastors in the church there and are very special to us. God placed a passion in our hearts to see Charalá, and the surrounding areas, impacted for Him, and He brought us together with Jhon and his wife in order to accomplish this.

Faith Assembly, Hazleton


God gave them the vision for “Fundación Mana para Colombia” more than ten years ago. They prayed about the project and how they would proceed; however, they told very few people about it. Many years later, God placed this same  vision in our hearts. Now, Pastor Jhon and Marlene run this project on a daily basis. This is an incredible opportunity, and it is truly wonderful to see the children happy.

This, however, is only part of their dream. They also have the desire to start more than thirty churches in the areas surrounding the town. Their passion for Christ is evident as they speak of our Lord, and their commitment to Him can be seen through their dedication to prayer and Bible.

From August 4th through the 20th, Pastors Jhon and Marlene spoke in several churches and events. They were able to share their hearts about Fundación Mana as well as bring God’s Word in a powerful way, as was evidenced by the work of the Holy Spirit. Many lives were changed. Through this, many people were able to hear a little about Colombia and God has placed a desire in their hearts to go and help.

This is truly exciting, and we wait, a little impatiently, to see God work through these experiences.


Pastor Jhon -VCC
Pastor Jhon at Valley Community Church, Drums, PA
Pastor Marlene speaking at the Women’s event, Faith Assembly, Hazleton


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