Preaching in San Gil

On Sunday, November 15, 2015, we were invited to preach the three services at the Assemblies of God church in San Gil, Santander, Colombia.

The day started at 5:30am as we got up and prepared for the 6:30 service. God blessed us with His awesome presence. The altars were filled in each service. Many people were filled with the Spirit, healed, and transformed.

We were so excited to be here for the day. The pastors and leaders were all incredible. The people were hungry for the Word of God and so humble. What an incredible pleasure it was to be here. I can’t wait to return.

At the end of the last service I was approached by an individual. It turns out the he was from Oregon, and he had come to visit the area for the fist time. He thanked us for the Word that was shared and told of how much it touched him, stating, “I never thought I would have to come all the way to Colombia to hear a message like this.” That’s just like our incredible God; how awesome. God truly blessed us!

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