From 1 Person to Large Groups ... There's a Place for You

We strongly believe in Missions Teams. We love to see these teams work alongside local Colombian pastors, leaders, and workers. It is incredible to see the impact that can be made in the local church. We work very closely with the local pastors and teams to make sure that both have a good understanding of the cultural differences. It is a beautiful thing to see Christian brothers and sisters coming together to accomplish the work of the Gospel.

We also strongly believe that God will do impressive work among the team members. Many times, it is when people get out of their comfort zones that the Holy Spirit works in them. We have seen many times where God has planted a life-long passion for missions in the hearts of those that come on a mission trip.

We work with churches on an individual basis to ensure that each experience is nothing less than life-changing. Each group is different; perhaps there is a church prayer group that wishes to go on a mission trip and pray over an area, a men’s group that wants to work on construction, a youth group that wants to work with children and youth, or a woman’s group that would like to work with women. There are many opportunities and each group is customized.

  • Construction trips
  • Children’s ministry
  • Women’s ministry
  • Prayer ministry
  • Combinations

We have been asked if we could accommodate a small group, or perhaps a family for a mission trip. Absolutely! Although ministry opportunities would be slightly different from a larger group, there is always ministry going on. Contact us to see what the possibilities are and to check on the schedule.

Many time when someone feels called into missions, or simply wants a longer experience, they wish for a more in-depth experience. In certain instances, we open up opportunities for these individuals to stay for a month to six months. We work with each individual to discover their desires and to place them in ministry opportunities here alongside local Colombian pastors. These experiences can be truly life-changing!

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