Barichara Church Building

Although the church in Barichara has existed for the last 16 years, they have never had a church building. Barichara is a historical town in Colombia and is filled with tradition. Unfortunately, this spills over into religion as well.

When the church was first planted in the town, there was substantial opposition. At one point the group of people had to move out of the town center because of death threats. However, this faithful group continued, and the church grew. Throughout the years, life has not been difficult. It was virtually impossible to find a place that would rent them a space in which they could meet.

God, however, had given the pastors and congregation a dream of having their own church building, and through faith, years ago, they were able to obtain a piece of land. In 2019, several churches in the United States felt God calling them to help build this church.

We are blessed to see the construction continue. However, much is left to do. It still needs a roof, bathroom, and connections for water/sewer and electricity, before it is usable. Please consider helping with this wonderful project.

Barichara Church Building

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