In Exodus we read that God provided food for the Israelites in the desert. In the morning they would go out and pick up this divine manna, and it would sustain them. It is appropriate then to call this project “Manna” as God has placed it on our hearts to provide for the needs of children and single mothers in Charalá, surrounding areas, and eventually, all of Colombia.

Research has been conducted and it was discovered that approximately 40% of children between the ages of 5 and 13 are in the moderate to severe malnutrition categories; that means about 1,200 children just in the Charalá area are in desperate need of help. Based on this research it is estimated that 4 million children (conservatively) in Colombia are in need of help.

But what of the mothers, single mothers, or mothers that are the primary provider for a home; many of them haven’t even completed 5th grade. A large number of these mothers earn $2 to $3 per DAY and work seven days a week to try and provide for their children. Many of them cannot read. Addressing this problem in itself could help.

This project will address these needs. Project Manna 4 Colombia will provide a nutritious meal a day for the children, health monitoring to ensure their growth, and tutoring to ensure they are learning. It will also provide literacy programs for mothers, as well as teaching them trades and skills. All of this will be done in a Christian environment.

Phase I of this project will include purchasing a building in which we can provide food for these children while being in a Christian environment. Phase II will incorporate the teaching of trades to single mothers, allowing them to sup-port their families. Finally, phase III will open the restaurant to the public during hours that it is not in use for the children. In this way it will provide income, and will become fully self-sustaining.