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Make checks payable to Stirling Ministries. If you are donating to a specific project, please write that in the memo of your check. Also, please include your email address so we can keep you updated.

*Donations are tax-deductible and receipts will be mailed to you at the end of the year.

Stirling Ministries
34 Fox Manor Rd
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Stirling Ministries Inc. is a 501 (c)(3)
* donations are tax-deductible, check with your accountant for details *


In 2019, God brought to fuition the dream of a Bible school in San Gil. We are more than excited to see so many students desiring to pursue biblical training and credentials. However, there are many financial contraints, this was only exarcerbated by the pandemic. Unfortunately, now, many leaders and students cannot afford to continue.

We believe in these incredible individuals and what God is Going to do through them. Therefor, we developed a “train a pastor fund” which will help offset some of the costs.

Please conside donating to this great cause.

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